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Tuscany Hills

TUSCANY HILLS ES | Lake Elsinore, CA

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Tuscany Hills ES, Riverside County’s top API elementary campus, expanded their exceptional education program to include every aspect of the learning environment. The expansion included a new building that provides 10 classrooms, a multi-purpose learning space, and dining facilities to accommodate increased enrollment. The classrooms are designed with contemporary teaching methods in mind; each is equipped with intelligent whiteboards and large roll-up doors that allow multiple adjacent classrooms to become one continuous learning space. The shared multi-purpose area has cabinetry in the common area, offering easy access to educational materials. Site improvements include a covered shelter, new play courts, and playfields adjacent to the neighboring city park to offer an enjoyable, safe fitness area. The joint-use parking lot and drop-off area eases traffic congestion.

Project Type: Additions & Modernization
Building Area: 16,512 sf
Cost: $6,600,000
Completed: 2011