Potentially the world’s most influential environments,
school campuses are powerful places.



Outside of the home, a school is often a child’s first encounter with a structured environment – an ever-expanding introduction to the world outside of the classroom and to that child’s unique place within it.

Imagine a school without limits – a place where learning is incorporated 3-dimensionally, and students’ inherent curiosity sparked and fostered.  It is a thoughtful, positive place, reflective of community traditions and values, exemplary in its resource stewardship.

A4E’s school design solutions begin with a thorough study of how students and teachers will use a particular learning environment.  This careful study inspires our team throughout the design process, imagining the 3-dimensional world in which our clients will learn and teach.


  • Rebar Tree
  • Screens
  • Tactile Wall
  • Nature Plays | Shadow Game
  • Yellow Mural
  • Cables
  • Climbing Wall
  • Floating in Air
  • Perception
  • Mechanical
  • Tunnel
  • Wall Utility
  • Water Feature
  • Triangles
  • Reshape the Vision
  • Site Plan
  • Sketch Alcove Engineering
  • Time Master
  • Window on the River
  • Hooks
  • Solar System
  • Solar System- Planets
  • Cold Feeling
  • Warm Feeling
  • Hot Feeling
  • Feelings
  • Rivers
  • Dry Creek Agriculture
  • Sketch Alcove Science
  • Tree Root Lab
  • The Highest and the Deepest
  • Sketch Alcove Technology
  • Classroom of the Future
  • Wall Section
  • Solar and Tractor
  • LED Time Clock
  • LED Time Clock
  • Memory Wall Detail
  • Pre-cluster


We believe that educational opportunities abound in every environment. New learning pathways can be supported by incorporating educational components that are integral to the architecture, whether expressed in the buildings, paving surfaces or landscape. This is why A4E has developed what we call, Educational Manifestations, which we incorporate into every one of our projects. Physical manifestations of our clients’ curriculum, they are emblematic of a child’s curiosity – continually reaching out to engage students’ imagination and offering a multiplicity of teaching opportunities.

Do you have a favorite school space or experience to share? What collaborative Educational Manifestations would you love to see in schools? Connect with us – we’d love to hear your ideas!


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At Architecture for Education (A4E) we believe our designs have significant social purpose.   Our work positively impacts education, community, and the natural environment while promoting curiosity, imagination, and vocation.

Open interaction between staff, students, parents, and members of the community is fundamental to our signature project approach.  A4E staff facilitates this essential communication, providing design and technical background on all related educational and architectural elements.  Architecture that captures the requirements and vision of its users will continue to welcome and inspire.

Our practice expertise is a result of 4 decades of educational facilities research and implementation. A4E’s project approach centers always on the particular needs and values of our clients and their communities.   As we collaborate, effective and exceptional learning environments come to life.