Educational Manifestations, High


Rubidoux High School | Riverside, CA

Our Process


A Blue Ribbon Planning Committee, made up of distinguished community and education leaders, determined the path to transformation for Rubidoux HS – a vital hub that serves as an active center of learning for both the neighborhood and greater Jurupa community. The Committee reached a consensus, moving forward with the campus’ renovations and taking it from comprehensive high school to Small Learning Communities. The changes inspire learning and foster a strong sense of identity and community within the various learning environments. Students enjoy academic engagement, focus on individual interests, personalize their education, and experience greater autonomy in career decisions. Each SLC consists of approximately 400 students, with real world contacts in local communities, hospitals, and businesses, as well as educational institutions such as Riverside Community College and UC Riverside. Ten years removed from these landmark changes at RHS, we are updating the campus’ frontage design and moving forward with the addition of a new Theater building – part of the long-view planning that continues to guide the school’s development.

Program: Planning / Additions & Modernization
Building Area: 51,833 sf
Cost: $6,147,811
Completed: 2019