Rubidoux CH

Rubidoux High School Concert Hall  | Riverside, CA

The design of the new Rubidoux High School Concert Hall aims to create an environment for varying musical ensembles. With a growing music program, the hall is designed to accommodate collaborations between orchestra, band, and choir. A 296 Seat hall provides visitors the opportunity to attend performances and events throughout the school year.

Rubidoux High School Concert Hall is a platform for students to perform, learn and develop their musical talents and skills. The inspiration for the design began with the study of music, particularly through rhythm. The design intent is to create an architectural dialogue between the lobby, flex and hall spaces through materials, adjacencies, and circulation. ‘Space Through Rhythm’ is experienced simultaneously from the different users.


Program: 262-seat concert hall, facade improvement, programming, planning, and full-service design, Code analysis, ADA, and DSA
Project Size:
14,000 SF

Status: Under Construction