FFE Package, Educational Manifestations, Planning, Elementary, Middle, Multi-Grade

Rio K-8

Rio del Sol K-8 STEAM School

| Oxnard, CA

Our Process

In close partnership with Rio School District (RSD), A4E authored a comprehensive Master Plan that defined goals and aspirations for a new K-8 STEAM and Maker Space campus. Using a series of workshops involving teachers, community members and District staff, a theme and vision for the new campus was collaboratively developed and A4E executed the design to meet all established goals.

The new campus was designed to incorporate a balance of creativity and function within, while supporting the latest thinking in pedagogy with a highly engaging and interconnected physical environment. Just as a “meander” forms in nature when water erodes and widens a river-bank, the flowing conceptual River of Knowledge, with its “carved” nodes of activity, fun, and learning, broadens and shapes the students’ ever-evolving educational journey.

21st-century classrooms are easily connected through folding glazed doors and open up to private patios and to either indoor or outdoor Maker Spaces. The design of this unique new campus supports the notion that children learn more effectively within multi-dimensional spaces; and exemplifies the school district’s progressive vision that true learning occurs with spontaneity and cannot be prescribed or dictated.

Program: K-8 Classrooms, STEAM Center/Makerspaces for Building, Reading, Ceramics, Performance, and Science; Outdoor Makerspaces throughout the Quad; Library, Administration, Multi-Purpose Space/Gym, Lockers, Food Service, Culinary Classrooms, State/Theater Classrooms.
Completed: Under Construction