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Pasadena City College



Since its founding in 1924, Pasadena City College has provided the San Gabriel Valley with a high quality, innovative, and dynamic educational environment with a focus on student success. Pasadena City College (PCC) recently embarked on an 8-10 year campus improvement program funded by Measure P general obligation bond. This program is aimed to ease overcrowding by reconstructing, reconfiguring, modernizing and remodeling existing classrooms, offices, labs, and other facilities.

A4E provided full design service for the modernization of two historic classroom buildings containing general classrooms and graphic arts. The design of the lab featured a stone wall consisting of earth-like materials, including clay, stone, and rocks. The design also featured various layers of strata featured in the shared hallways. Working closely with the Department of Economic and Workforce Development at PCC, A4E also facilitated the transformation of a typical 2nd floor office space into a dynamic and interactive Career Center aimed at helping students identify and achieve their professional goals.

The new Career and Completion Center not only enlivens an under-utilized space, it embraces the ideas of discovering one’s own path to success. The center is organized into three distinct nodes along the student’s journey: inquisition, exploration, and facilitation. During the inquisition phase students are greeted at the Welcome & Assessment area, their curiosity is met with support. The center than encourages students to explore different learning opportunities throughout the space. Details like flooring patterns, movable seating, multipurpose furniture, and focal “landmarks” foster students’ exploratory journey. This interactive flowing space promote self-discovery. Finally, program counselors guide students through the facilitation step, using the surrounding counseling offices to equip students for success during their time at PCC and the next junction in their journey be it graduation, employment, or transfer. A4E’s designs create space at PCC that naturally progresses student driven success.

Program Type: Modernization / Renovation
Completed: Yes