Educational Manifestations, Multi-Grade


LUISENO K-8 | Corona, CA


This campus expansion converted a PreK-5 campus to a PreK-8 neighborhood school. The transformation included 4 new buildings, modernizations, removal of aging modular classrooms, and expansion of student drop-off areas. A Stairway Amphitheater and Pedestrian Bridge enhance campus access while providing an outdoor gathering spot for assemblies and performances. Specialized classroom additions include 2 Science Labs, an Art Studio, a Computer Lab, and a Music classroom. Expansion of the school’s existing Library supports the amplified K-8 curriculum.

Additions are strategically placed to preserve open playfield areas and maintain connections to existing buildings and the surrounding neighborhood. A milestone project in the LEUSD Master Plan, the Luiseno K-8 conversion exemplifies the District’s mission to offer world-class educational opportunities in service of its students.

Program: New Construction / Additions – 8 Classrooms, 2 Science Labs, Computer Lab, Art Lab, Multipurpose Building with Kitchen / Locker Rooms / Stage, 6 Relocatable Classrooms, Roof & Skylight replacement (original buildings), Playfields, Hardscape, Drop-Off areas, Amphitheatre
Building Area: 35,117 sf New Construction | 45,128 sf Renovation
Cost: $14,734,132
Completed: 2012