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Standing like an imposing farmhouse on its 38-acre site, Herget Middle School’s sustainable form curves to take advantage of the surrounding rural vistas. West Wing classroom clusters directly access the design’s organizing element – a central barn-like space that houses the Library, Technology Center, Labs, and meeting / conference rooms. Each classroom cluster showcases a specific educational component. East Wing spaces include: Administrative offices, Gymnasium, Multipurpose Room, and Cafeteria. Each large building component adopts its own rural form, contributing to the farm aesthetic. Future projects planned for this property include an elementary school to complete the K-8 campus, and a community Performing Arts Center. The Heartland theme draws on industrial and agricultural materials – stone, metal, and wood; the concept explores the scales and relationships of a farming community: private, shared, community, and open frontier. Associate Architect: Cordogan, Clark & Associates, Inc.

2006 DesignShare Merit Award
2007 Citation of Excellence from Learning By Design
2007 NSBA Exhibition of School Architecture Grand Prize

Building Area: 114,000 sf
Completed: 2006