Our Process


South Anchorage HS occupies a lovely wooded site, near the foothills of Anchorage. With views of the mountains and of distant Cook Inlet, the campus is designed to take advantage of both the vistas and its favorable southern exposure. The school nestles into the hillside and is terraced to follow the site’s natural slope. Groves of mature spruce and birch buffer the school from the surrounding neighborhood, while preserving the natural, park-like setting. South Anchorage HS supports 2,540 students in four ‘houses’ – each with its own entry and communal break-out space. The community spaces connect directly to the central Commons. The Commons is the heart of the campus – both main gathering area and primary means of circulation, connecting every element of the school’s educational program. This project was completed in association with ECI-Hyer Architects of Anchorage, AK.