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AAE MASTER PLAN | Apple Valley, CA


The Academy for Academic Excellence (AAE) Master Plan phases careful development on this uniquely beautiful, 150-acre site. Included are four land uses: a K-12 School Zone, a College/University School Zone, a Flood Control Channel for the adjacent Mojave River, and a 107-acre Conservation Open Space. The Master Plan supports AAE’s vision to build premiere educational facilities, while conserving the site’s scenic, high desert character. The campus is home to many endangered / protected species of plants and animals; AAE students participate in raising and replenishing the native Mohave Tui Chub fish population. The campus shares in an abundant cultural heritage, closely linked to the Mojave River and dating back to the Native American people who lived in the area for thousands of years.

Program: Master Plan, Educational Plan
Building Area: K-12 – 48,375 sf College/University – 120,000 sf
Site: 150 acres