Dream Team

By: Arch4e | 11 Mar 2016




In March 2009, despite gloomy economic circumstances, A4E gathered and sponsored a group of innovative colleagues to brainstorm the future of educational facilities.  The ‘A4E dreamTeam Symposium’ explored how imaginative, efficient school design can best serve our students in the 21st century.

Many of us had worked together before, trailblazing with community groups and helping our clients plan schools that best serve their students and individual communities.  We set goals to bring positive change to educational design and policy throughout our country.

Experts in educational programming, curriculum, pedagogy, educational design, futurists, school superintendents, board members, students, and facility planners (about 50 attendees, in all) assembled to look at the “big picture” – then spent two days narrowing the focus, identifying ways we can build sustainable schools that engage and inspire students and teachers.

The wealth of resources represented by this outstanding group is amazing, stretching back over eight decades and ready to contemplate the changes ahead.  The dreamTeam continues to consult with, and present to, clients and education-based groups across the country.