West High



Located in the heart of Aurora, Illinois, West High School provides secondary education to more than 2,500 students. As the district’s only high school, it is both landmark and gathering place for social and athletic events. The aging campus was dramatically transformed, bringing it forward into contemporary service and aesthetic. Key to supporting anticipated enrollment / population growth was the effective expansion of the school’s community facilities, the development of an easily-accessible technology system, and the diversification of campus learning environments. A new two-story academic wing dramatically improved the campus’ neighborhood profile. Highlighted by a translucent glass and steel entrance, the façade is dominated by a sweeping, curved bay window, behind which is housed a new Library / Media Center and Technology Center. Traditional corridor access has been replaced by a cluster of learning spaces, organized around a Multipurpose Room. The MPR is accessible for group projects and assemblies, and is furnished with carrels for individual study. Most of the walls between the classrooms and the Multipurpose Room are moveable, permitting reconfiguration of the learning environment for team teaching and special events.

Program Type: Additions & Modernization
Cost: $9,122,100
Completed: 2004